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Breaking Up With Your Scale

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Don’t step on it or it will make you cry, is something I’ve always heard about the scale. I am not sure anyone likes stepping on the scale to see what they truly weigh. Most people believe that their weight is not the end-all-be-all but we simply cannot stand the idea of not looking. So many people weigh themselves daily and their entire day is dictated by the number they see. Don’t ever let that be you.

I weighed myself when I initially started my weight loss journey (March 2016) and did not weight myself again up until approximately 3 months later I did not own a scale (I used one during my annual physical visit) because to be honest most often stepping on the scale means very little in the grand scheme of health and fat loss. Here are a few reasons why you should not be obsessed over the scale (or weigh yourself several times throughout the day):

  • Muscle is much more dense than fat and takes up a lot less space. The more muscle you have on your frame, the heavier your weight will be, but the tighter and smaller your physique will be.

  • Your weight is not a direct reflection of how you will look in clothes.

  • You can gain up to 5-7 lbs within the same day due to water weight. When you awaken you are somewhat dehydrated however, throughout the day you hydrate and eat food.

  • Your weight is not an accurate measure of good health (think of “skinny fat” people-higher metabolism, stays thin, but might be flabbier with a high body fat percentage)

*Understanding this can help prevent melt-downs*

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