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Athleisure : Not Your Average Trend

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Athleisure wear first emerged on designer runways in 2014 and is not your average trend. It's clothing designed for athletic workouts which is usually termed activewear, yet can be worn outside of the gym for general leisure.

Who wants to haul an extra outfit around when you can throw on a pair of heels and head to happy hour or brunch with the girls directly from food shopping? It's the most comfy and functional trend I've seen and adopted in my own wardrobe in years and I have no plans on passing this over any time soon. Athletic wear with a fashionable, dressed up component that allows you to be ready whenever for whatever is a NYC girls dream.

Bodysuit: Forever 21 (it is actually a bathing suit)

Sweater: H & M

Sweatpants: H & M

Shoes: Just Fab

Sunglasses: Dior

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