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Running My First Race: Freihofer's Run for Women (5K)

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Today I decided to give my readers a little 2 for 1 and lets be real who doesn't love that? In honor of it being Tuesday which I have dubbed "TRANSFORMATION TUESDAYS"; I decided I would give you all an update of my weight loss progress and my journey from "Couch to 5K". Most of you know as of now that my starting weight was 301 pounds and today I am weighing in at 173. My latest goal was to be at 165 but I am not there YET. While I was vacationing in Bermuda I did make sure I completed two days of my 5K training however I ate more, indulged in some adult beverages and snacked my ass off. All the things I tell you NOT to do when trying to shed those pounds but I wanted to rid myself of the calorie counting and just RELAX and ENJOY.

I know you are thinking who the hell runs on vacation and my reply is; LISTEN HERE..... I am less then two weeks away from completing my training. I will be running my first 5k (in the Freihofer's Run for Women) on June 3 in Albany, NY. I am excited and nervous as heck. I have never in my life ran a race and I'm having some doubt about if I can actually do this. Besides being on this weight loss journey this is the biggest goal I have set for myself. I have told you about the importance of setting small goals and that is what is giving me the confidence. I have been able to stick with the training however I did fall a week behind so that is also causing me a little anxiety. Everyone around me is excited for me so that is pumping me up so I will run with that positive energy in mind. My only goal with this race is to FINISH what I START.

Sooooooo...... Who's is joing the "Fab & Fit in the City" Team?

Run with us by signing up using this link:

If you register before 5/27/17 it is only $35. Lets go ladies!!!!

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