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21 Day Challenge

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Tomorrow on October 1, Fab & Fit in the City is launching the 21 Day Challenge. We all know the holidays are rapidly approaching along with the Fall/Winter season. Winter months and the holidays tend to be a breeding ground for comfort food and the result most times is an increase in weight. My goal is to get you started on the right track through diet and exercise. For the next 21 days (the month of October) I am challenging all of you as well as myself to commit to 21 workouts along with healthy eating.

Many of you know over the past two years I have lost a total of 132 pounds. My stats are as follows:

Starting Weight: 301

Lowest Weight (October 2017): 169

Current Weight: 175

Height 5'8"

My new goal is to be 165 which is a 10 pound weight loss. This is completely doable in one month. I am giving all of you the tools to be successful while also using this challenge as a way to hold myself accountable. I promise if you stick to this program you are guaranteed to bring about your best self prior to 2019. Let's be proactive vs reactive, this will eliminate those dreaded weight loss New Years resolutions. If you are looking to loose more than 15 pounds for the month of October use the chart below. If you are looking to loose 5-10 pounds you can incorporate ONE 2-3 ounce serving of whole grain carbohydrates (brown rice, couscous, quinoa). You can have this serving for lunch OR dinner (not both). As well as TWO 2-3 ounce servings of protein (chicken, fish or turkey) for lunch and dinner.

(The shakes listed below are from GNC)

Here is your workout regimen for the 21 day challenge:

Be sure to drink 64 ounces (or more) of water to let go of excess fat. Cut out soda, diet soda and ALL liquor to decrease sugary cravings. You will notice that the workouts get increasingly harder as the challenge progresses, so it’s crucial that you stay consistent! Ne sure to only weigh yourself ONCE to get your starting weight. The next time you should weigh yourself is October 31st.

For the best fitness apps to help you along your journey be sure to click here.

You can do this. Are you ready to begin?! Join me and be sure to post using the hashtag #21DaysofFitness.

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