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What is Meal Prepping?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Meal prepping is the weekly preparation of meals for a period of time which is usually longer than two days. The process consists of planning, cooking and packaging of meals over a period of time.

Life can be a bit stressful! You can eliminate some of that stress and time factor of having to cook every single night by meal prepping. Contrary to popular belief this simple task will help you cut time in the kitchen, and you will feel much more organized. Most importantly meal prepping is the absolute best way to start on your weight loss journey or maintain your weight loss. On your journey to loose or maintain weight if you do not plan you will fail. Meal prepping will ensure you are eating healthy because you will have your main meals and snacks for a few days already mapped out. You will be able to control your nutrition. When trying to lose fat or build muscle, having those healthy food options on hand is extremely important. Without utilizing meal prep you will most often make bad food choices. Another benefit of meal prepping is saving money (because you are not eating out). When I meal prep I cook my lunch and dinner for 4-5 days every Sunday. My breakfast, pre-workout, and post-workout meals aren’t necessarily prepped but they are pre-portioned items I can just throw in the microwave to heat up or are already packaged and ready to go.

Here are a few tips for meal prepping:

  • Start simple and build up. Choose a few simple recipes and continue to add.

  • Change your tupperware every month so the plastic does not leach into your food.

  • Use all four of your burners and oven if need be to get done with process quicker.

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