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Not So Sexy Side of Self-Care

Self-care isn’t always glamorous. Actually, most of the time it is extremely uncomfortable. The concept of self-care has been watered down to facials, aromatherapy and binge watching Netflix. I am a fan of all the aforementioned however it is not just about self-indulgence but self preservation.

We are worthy of "ALL the things" but it does require us to address the unsexy parts of self-care that are not for the "gram". Here are some steps to help you on your self-care journey:

  • Acknowledge where you currently are (self-assess)

  • Doing the thing you least want to do (eliminating procrastination)

  • Letting the fuck go

  • Prioritizing joy

  • Letting other people down

  • Understanding NO is a complete sentence

  • Coming through for yourself.

  • Making a budget and sticking to it

  • Being selfish

  • Being selective

  • Making healthy lifestyle choices

  • Choosing differently…despite the past

  • Holding yourself accountable

  • Doing things you want without regard for how it will seem, or appear, or be talked about by others

Addressing the not so sexy side of self-care has tons of benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, boosts your self-esteem, improves your physical health, protects your mental health and promotes better relationships. Self-care has been having a major moment because we’re leading these lives we all want to escape or take a break from but what if we did the not so sexy things in order to create a life you don’t want to run away from?

PS: Give yourself grace, everyday won’t be perfect and remember to carry less you have to pack light ((cue music:: "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu))

Love yall for free xoxo

Fatima Tan'ia

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