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5 Things They Don't Tell You About Loosing Weight

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

As of this morning I have lost a total of 138 pounds. When I started my weight loss journey I was 301 pounds and I am currently 163. Prior to kicking off I initially looked at the GREAT part about shedding those pounds such as:

  • being healthy

  • becoming active

  • improving sleep patterns

  • looking better naked

These are all the obvious things (amongst others) that most people embarking on this type of journey are excited about. However there are some things that you may not know, may not have been told about or have failed to discuss overall.

Your perception of your body won’t change over night A dramatic transformation should feel great — but what about when it doesn’t? I still have trouble identifying with the fact that I lost the equivalent of a human being. Seeing what I’ve done this past year is surreal. Many people assume that once you hit that goal weight (which for me was 190) that you will instantly adapt to your new body. However my weight loss was easy in comparison to realizing and seeing the new me in my current form, which is an uphill battle.

There will likely be excess skin If you’ve lost a certain amount of weight, you’re likely to be faced with a very-real physical reminder of its disappearance: sagging, stretch-marked skin. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any lifestyle measures to be taken to prevent excess skin. How loose your skin gets after losing weight depends on several factors: how much weight you’ve lost, how fast you lost the weight (the faster you lose it, the less time your skin has to tighten naturally), how old you were when you lost the weight and how many times you’ve lost and gained the weight back.

I have a lot of sagging skin in my stomach area. My current pant size is a 10/12 and this solely bc of the extra skin. My top size is a medium which gives you a better idea of what I mean. My chest, boobs and arms are smaller in size but my excess stomach skin is here for the ride. I have decided that in about 6 months to a year after toning as much as I can I will be getting a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin.

Some relationships might change That no low carb, veggie friendly dinner may nag the heck out of your friends. As you adopt new healthy habits you may find you have less in common with certain people. It may initially seem negative and uncomfortable however those new healthy places you visit (ie: gym, salad bar etc.) have people there that have things in common with you. It is also a proven fact that people who lose weight have a higher divorce rate because weight may have served as a sort of equilibrium in a relationship. Relationships, particularly romantic ones, may suffer if one person loses weight and the other does not. Again although this initially seems negative you have to remember that people are in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.

Some family and friends will be supportive, compassionate and encouraging however some may not! You will hear things like "you are small enough, stop losing weight", "you were fine the way you were" etc. What people don't realize is their unsolicited opinions can be hurtful, mean and/or just plain ole annoying as shit. The type of person I am I will check your ass and respond with a "mind your manners" (while I bat my eyelashes)... HOWEVER that is my personality. You choose your response.

Your new size will require a new wardrobe which will cost a pretty penny Once you’ve finally reached your goal weight, you’ll probably find yourself in need of some new garments for your closet. The more dramatic your weight loss, the more clothes you will need. Additionally while you are loosing the weight you will need to purchase clothing along the way. When I hit a size 18 (from a 22) I needed new clothing. From a size 18 to 14 I had to purchase more items and my current size (10/12) I have another set of clothing. This has cost me a pretty penny. However there is no better feeling then hopping into a smaller size jean.

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