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5 Day Reset

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Loosing weight is the most exhilarating feeling I have experienced in my adult life thus far. However shredding those dreaded pounds is only half the battle. Maintaining your weight loss is just as important. Lately I have noticed I am eating more and also wanting to snack more. Additionally from the month of January to now I have yo-yo'd from 177 to 174 (back and fourth). I can also say that the past two weeks I have made some POOR food choices. I am training a lot harder due to my upcoming 5k and being more hungry is normal' but the food choices I am making is not good at all. So I have decided to do a 5 day reset.

Reset means to set again or differently. During this reset my goal is to jump-start my metabolism, reboot my system, end my weight-loss stall, exchange the unhealthy for healthy choices and challenge myself. Last year in March I did the same process (for 45 days) to jump start my weight loss journey and it has lead me to where I am today. Before I tell you how to do the reset I want to first tell you that prior to starting your reset you should first consult with your physician. Now that we have that out the way let me give you my past and current stats as well as the information to get you SNATCHED for summer.

March 2016: 5'9" 301 pounds size 22

March 2017: 5;'9" 174 pounds size 10/12

My goal weight was initially 190 but clearly I have surpassed that by a long shot. My new goal is 165 and I intend on bulking up slightly as I tone (to 170). I will let you all know my weight once I finish the reset.

Here is what I will be eating/drinking for the reset.

Your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will strictly be GNC Total Lean: Lean 25. It is very important you adhere to this specific brand because this is not solely a protein shake but a meal replacement shake. It will provide you with a well balanced blend of high quality protein, fiber, minerals and fat you need on a daily basis.

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25 is a convenient and effective way to

exercise portion control, an essential component of a successful weight

management program. My favorite flavors are strawberry (it reminds me of a strawberry yoo-hoo), pumpkin spice (its limited addition and only available in the fall) and snicker doodle. Chocolate and vanilla were the only flavors at the GNC closest to me when I started on this journey last year and because I drank them for 45 days (straight) I cannot think about drinking those flavors (for the remainder of my life).


For snack 2 if you can't stand to have another shake you can substitute (or add) a sugar free Jell-O.

Make sure you weight yourself prior to starting and weigh yourself when you finish. This will allow you to keep track of your goal.

Provide your family, friends, bosses and co-workers with a disclaimer that if you turn into the Tasmanian Devil during this week to charge it to your diet and not your heart. (Everyone knows to stay clear of me).

If you are doing the reset with me or at any point be sure to share your journey with me (starting weight, ending weight, pictures, etc.)

Please talk with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. Your doctor can advise you about any contraindications or conditions that would impede your diet and/or exercise regimen.

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