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21 Days of Exercise Challenge

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

So for those of you who don't know not that I am counting but in exactly 21 days 16 hours and 2 minutes I will be in Bermuda sun bathing with a calorie filled Mai Tai along with two other fab chicks. I have bought a total of 10, I mean 11 bathing suits (however I lied and told my friends I bought 8 so I don't seem like a crazed lunatic). Although I have met my weight loss goal by a long shot I am aiming to loose 9 more pounds prior to boarding my flight.

For the next 21 days leading up to my vacation I have decided to challenge myself and commit to 21 workouts. Additionally I have changed the time of day I exercise from PM to AM and to add a little more spice I just ended my long term membership with Crunch Fitness a gym that I love due to its location to Planet Fitness (and I am slightly nervous).

Today I started my 21 days of workouts challenge and when I first woke up I thought to myself "are you freaking crazy, you have to be out your damn mind". Quickly I remember our thoughts become words and our words become our actions. Instead of psyching myself out I hopped up threw on my gym clothes, grabbed my bag (which I packed yesterday night) and headed to Planet Fitness. At 6 am I started my workout with an abdominal/core training for 30 minutes and proceeded to my Couch to 5k training cardio.

I walked out feeling accomplished because not I only did I complete day 1 of my 21 days of workouts challenge but for the first time EVER I showered at the gym (yes me, the germ-a-phobe). I have 20 days left to get to my goal of 165 pounds, so I'm kicking ass and taking names. The only rule to this challenge is to DO THE WORK.... Exercise all 21 days.

JOIN ME!!!!!!

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